UTECH Rolls Equipments Pvt. Ltd.

Slitting Line

UTech Rolls Equipments Pvt. Ltd. manufactured a quality equipment with a rare combination of strength and accuracy. This highly efficient machine enables slitting of CR/HR coils in loop control/speed assisted/pull through mode as per requirement. Complete line is PLC controlled, thus all hydraulic operations can be performed from the desk most conveniently. Electrical drives consist of DC motors that enable smooth operation in all three modes. The use of eccentric adjustment mechanism employed on slitter housing (in place of the worm screw type) ensures a high level of slitting accuracy.

All wear parts, Sourced from international suppliers with best technology and repute are self-lubricated types and provide longer life and maintenance free operation.

The uncoiler can accommodate all types of standard coil bores on expandable opposed drums for heavy load and damage free operation. Coil cars are provided on both sides for trouble free remote handling of input and outputs coils. Scrap winders are driven by hydraulic motors for automatic speed and load control operation.


  • 300 mm to 2000 mm width
  • 0.2 mm to 10.0 mm thickness
  • 5 MT to 40 MT coil wt.
  • 508, 610, 760, 850 mm input coil bore
  • 508/610 mm output coil bore
  • 1200 mm to 2000 mm coil OD
  • 0.05 mm slitter width accuracy
  • Eccentric type slitter
  • Cassette type slitter for faster tool change
  • Outboard support for recoiler
  • Triple bellow type drag tensioner